I introduce myself, Sabrina White

Native of Quebec, Canada. I have always liked to learn how human beings function at the physical, psychological, emotional level as well as the esoteric side. Understand the human being on earth.

I participated in several workshops on personal development, including Awakening and manifestation of the self, rebirth as well as an abundance seminar at the Institute for the development of the person. I took a yoga retreat trip to Greece that allowed me to open up and take care of myself, a wonderful spiritual trip to Brazil as well as a backpacking adventure trip to Italy. Very curious, I always wanted to get out of my comfort zone to live experiences and learn. I discovered India, a wonderful country and Indonesia, Bali. Now, i live in Bali.

Sabrina White, tout est possible
Sabrina white meditation

Life is an endless path. I help people find their way in life and open their hearts.

I am a yoga teacher. My certificate was made in Rishikesh, India.

I brought back from Brazil a crystal bed which is a beautiful tool to help people harmonize their energies, their chakras (a beautiful experience to live to take care of yourself.)

With all my personal, professional and spiritual experiences, I am able to help you align yourself with yourself in your life, harmonize your energies, understand what is happening in your life in full consciousness, listen to your heart and your intuition, to reconnect with your self, to accept yourself as you are. I advise you, accompany you and guide you.
I feel and sense what people are going through and what they need. I have strong empathy and compassion.

I have helped many people around the world and I continue to help as many people as possible. I help people through difficult life transitions, moving, separation, illness, recovery, personal development, career change and others, according to your needs. I help people to move forward in their life path. Connect with your Self. Be happy and feel good in your heart. I receive messages for you, a beautiful guidance.

Everything is possible in life, you just have to be well aligned with yourself.

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Be on the path of your heart, aligned, you will have synchronicities, people who will come into your life at the right time.

It is a pleasure for me to help you. This is part of my life mission. Accompany you to become the best version of yourself and find your inner guide. You have the power to create your life.

Sabrina White

Energy pratitioner

Mindfulness advisor

Certified yoga teacher

 Life coach and liberator emotional blockages